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Director’s Message

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tümer

Since the foundation of our university, Graduate programs have contributed to the research potential of our institution at a large extent. Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree programs play an important role in the development of universities' research and scientific publications as well as in the advancement of the society.    

Since the beginning of time, mankind have had the urge to understand the nature and the society, which paved the way towards scientific research. During the current day, in line with the need for specialisation in different disciplines of science and professional development, and the quest to increase the efficiency of institutions, the importance of Graduate education has become more recognisable. 

 Alongside with the need for specialisation, graduate students specify the problems on which they wish to focus, provide solutions in the relevant disciplines of science under the supervision of their advisors and provide contributions to the world literature.

It is due to work as such that Eastern Mediterranean University has consistently been climbing the ladder of success in the world rankings every passing year. 

The graduate programs in Eastern Mediterranean University have been designed to enable our students to develop innovative solutions to the problems in the relevant academic disciplines and provide leadership and contribute to the teams that they are a part of.

Our academic departments, faculties and schools continuously update the existing graduate programs and develop new programs that fit the needs of their academic discipline and the professionals in their field.

Our graduate programs consists of 33 thesis, 27 non-thesis, and 20 PhD programs carried out by prominent faculty members within 12 faculties and 5 schools.

I kindly invite you to visit our campus and meet the students and faculty members and explore our facilities.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tümer
Institute of Graduate Studies and Research