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About the Institute


A wide range of graduate programs leading to Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are offered coordinated and administered by the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research at EMU. These programs are hosted in the Business and Economics, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Law, Architecture, Communications, Education, Tourism, Health Sciences, and Pharmacy Faculties and in the School of Computing and Technology, and managed by the departments in these faculties and schools. The Institute is responsible for overseeing, processing, and coordinating matters concerning graduate admissions, assistantships, thesis proposals, and defenses, supervisions, and examinations, subject to the by-laws of the University and the regulations lay down by the University Senate. The Institute serves to maintain quality in graduate education by adapting universally accepted academic principles and criteria.

The aim of graduate studies at EMU is to equip the students with a high-level academic background as well as the necessary skills to be competent in the academic world, industry, or the service sector. Graduate studies at EMU are founded on academic freedom and ethical conduct. Our mission is to raise graduates who can follow new developments and trends in their area of specialization, true academicians with developed research, and communication skills capable of contributing to society in several different ways. The faculty members have a wide range of Faculty Research Interests that allow the practice of interdisciplinary research besides classical research areas. More than 2000 master's and Ph.D. holders from EMU have been employed in the academia, public and private sector.

The graduate programs at EMU are accredited by Y.O.K (Higher Education Council of Turkey) and recognized by international academic associations. EMU is a member of several international academic associations such as the European University Association, International Association of Universities, and The Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.

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