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Program Structure

Master’s and Ph.D. programs at EMU are well-structured programs that meet the requirements of Y.O.K (Higher Education Council of Turkey) and are up-to-date with the new trends in Europe led by European University Association. A well designed academic supervision system is available that guides the student in every stage of the program. The student finds an opportunity to establish close contact with his/her thesis supervisors, and is directed towards novel ideas and original research topics. Students are encouraged to follow courses that will help develop their graduate research skills and written and oral communication skills.

Master's Programs with Thesis

Master’s programs with thesis and non-thesis options are available leading to Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Arts (M.A.), and to several professional degrees, and doctoral programs leading to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are available. Minimum course requirement in master’s programs with thesis option is the completion of 21 credits compromising seven 3-credit courses. Furthermore, the student is required to successfully complete a non-credit seminar course aimed at training the student to prepare written and oral scientific presentations. The student should also carry out research under the supervision of a faculty member, prepare and orally defend a master’s thesis. 

Non-Thesis Master’s Programs

Non-thesis master’s programs are designed to furnish the student with necessary academic background for further professional development. 10 courses (14 in MBA program) and a term project should be completed. The second structure is applied at EMU.

Ph.D. Programs

Doctoral programs involve a minimum of seven 3-credit courses, a Ph.D. qualification exam, preparation and defence of a Ph.D. thesis proposal which should bring in novelty in the area, research work on the proposal and finally preparation of a dissertation and oral defence of the work. Some programs may require more than 7 courses. Each student should be registered to the thesis work in each consecutive semester starting with the 3rd semester the latest. It is compulsory to enter the PhD Qualification exam when 7 doctoral courses are successfully completed within 4 semesters. In all doctoral programs, publication of a scientific article in a journal indexed by Science Citation Index (SCI), Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), or Arts and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI) is a prerequisite for the approval of a doctoral dissertation defence request.

Duration of the Programs

Full time students enrolled in a Master’s degree program including thesis work, study minimum two, maximum four semesters. Part time master’s students study minimum three, maximum six semesters. Duration of studies in a Ph.D. program is a minimum of four and a maximum of ten semesters for full time students. Part-time doctoral candidates need to study minimum six, maximum fourteen semesters.