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General Admission Requirements

At EMU you will have an opportunity to carry out graduate studies in the field that you acquired your bachelor's degree or in a related field having completed the required deficiency program which will not be longer than one year.

Applicants for master's programs with thesis must posses a bachelors degree with CPGA > 2.50/4.00. For some programs such as professional degree programs, CGPA's of 2.00-2.49 may be acceptable subject to Faculty Board decision. Applicants for doctoral programs must posses a master's degree. The Turkish citizens should have an ALES score of a minimum of 55 received within last three years. GRE (mathematical) = 610 or GMAT= 450 are equivalent to ALES=55. In some programs additional requirements may be expected. For any further details related departments should be consulted. However students applying for Non-thesis Master's programs are exempted from ALES.

An applicant who does not possess the 'ALES' certificate may register as a special student. No diplomas are issued for special students. However such students receive a document issued by the Registrar's Office specifying courses taken and grades obtained. At most half of the credits necessary to complete the program can be transferred from the program registered as a special student to the current program of study when the student applies as a regular student. Students accepted under the special student status can not work as a research assistant.

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