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Please follow the steps given below to complete your registration.

1. Go to the Registrar's Office with your Admission Letter to get your student number and your payment slip. If you have an English language qualification that gives you exemption from the English Support Program, please present the original copy at this stage.

2. If the necessary payment has already been made, the Registrar's Office will complete your registration and will give access for course registration.

3. If the payment has not been made, go to the bank to make your payment indicating your student number. Then, bring the payment receipt back to Registrar's Office to get your access.

4. After you gain access for course registration, and you have a recognized English language qualification (i.e. IELTS 6.5 etc.), go to your department for course registration.

5. If you do not have a recognized English language qualification, you have to take the EMU English Placement Test. The tests are conducted by the English Preparatory School. Please visit and enter your student number in order to find out the test date, time and exam room.

6. If you do not wish to take the English Placement Test and would like to use your current recognized English language qualification in order to be placed into an appropriate English Support Program course, please visit Institute of Graduate Studies and Research.

Hints for successful completion of your registration

Check and confirm your registration using your student portal account at Student's Portal. If there are any problems, please see your advisor immediately.

 Check your payment balance. Please make your payments on the due dates to avoid inconveniences. If there is any problem, go to the accounting office.

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