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Towards Graduation

Towards Graduation
Published Date: Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Dear Student,

We would like to inform you of some important issues and dates regarding your thesis study.

Important Dates

2023-24 Academic Year Spring Term important dates for thesis defense are given below.

First day of thesis defense period for those students who have completed all other requirements of the program29 February 2024
Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) period
(Students who will defend after TMC period has to have TMC)
20 May  – 24 June 2024
First day of thesis defense for students who are registered to a course/ seminar 01 July 2024
Graduation ceremony for graduate students02 July 2024
Last day of application for Ph.D. thesis defense 02 August 2024
Last day of application for master's thesis defense 19 August 2024
Last day of thesis defense period02 September 2024
Last day for submitting the bound thesis to the Institute *  17 September 2024


* Subject to Registrar's Office approval, this date can be extended until the late registration date of the following semester which cannot be extended further than due date of course add/drop date.

Complete Institute Calendar can be viewed at

Authorization Request to Schedule a Master's Thesis Defense Form should be submitted two weeks prior to the proposed defense date; Authorization Request to Schedule a Ph.D. Thesis Defense Form should be submitted one month prior to the proposed defense date, to the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR) via the academic department. Additionally, please be informed that the first thesis format checking should be done prior your thesis defense application at IGSR. A pdf copy can be sent to e-mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thesis Defense Application and Graduation Procedures

  • Several useful information regarding application procedure for thesis defense and graduation procedures can be found in Graduation Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions information booklet at We kindly advise you to read it thoroughly.
  • Ph.D. students need to collect wet signatures of external jury members on the approval page respectively therefore it needs to be planned beforehand to reduce any possible delays.
  • Thesis Signature Page needs to be strictly format checked before signatures are collected.
  • The “Thesis/Dissertation Duplication and Publication Approval Form" needs to be submitted with your bounded thesis. You may use electronic signature on this form, or alternately, you may attach an e-mail with a written confirmation about the content of the form.
  • If your co-supervisor is not available for signing the thesis approval page, they can fill “Delegation of Signature Authorization Form" to provide signature authorization to the supervisor.

Thesis Writing Format and Templates

Your thesis study must comply with the Thesis Format Structure of IGSR. The required format structure can be found in thesis format guidelines and thesis sample documents at In addition, we prepared a presentation on thesis formatting to help you understand the basic structure. There, you will also find Thesis Cover and Signature Page templates. We advise you to use these templates which will help you a lot to fit in the required format. Finally, please remember that it is important to get final approval of IGSR before you bound your thesis.

We wish you success in your studies.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research

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